Chocolate Holiday Gift Ideas

Chocolate Wreath Box filled with assorted chocolates Chocolate Wreath Boxes
Sm. $14.99 Lg. $44.99


Greeting Card Box 56 pc. Assorted Truffles & Chocolates

Edible Chocolate Box filled with Truffles and Chocolates
Chocolate Bow Boxes
Sm. $18.99
Lg. $39.99
Assorted Box of Chocolates
26 pc. Season's Greetings Deluxe Assortment

Our chocolate Bow Boxes filled with handcrafted chocolates
Favorites Gift Box
Chocolate wreath box filled with truffles Season's Greetings Card Gift Boxes
Sm. $10.99 Lg. $21.99

homemade chocolates
28 pc. Assorted Truffles & Chocolates
Assorted Favorites
25 pc. Handcrafted Truffles

Chocolate Santa Jolly Santa $5.99
Christmas Savannahs $8.99

Chocolate Toy S 3-D Santas and Toy Soldiers
$5.99 each

Chocolate Lollies
Chocolate Santa Face Lollies
$2.99 each

Chocolate Gift Basket
Christmas Gift Baskets
starting from $50.00

Chocolate Toy S
Chocolate Tree Box


Chocolate Lollies
Christmas Marshmallow Pops
$3.99 each

Chocolate Letters Chocolate Initials
$2.99 each