Easter Treats
Hop into March with our adorabale Chocolate Bunnies. Handcrafted and hand decorated, our Belgian Chocolate Bunnies are made fresh just in time for Easter. Come into our store to see all of the things we have available to fill your Easter Baskets or to decorate your Easter table.
Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Rabbits
Twisted Bunny

Milk chocolate easter bunnies
Peter Rabbit

Easter Rabbits
Annabelle Bunny
Chocolate Easter egg filled with chocolates
Bunny with Carrot

Chocolate easter eggs filled with chocolates
Bunny Face Box filled with
Gummies $5.99

Chocolate Easter Basket filled with chocolates
Singing Bunny

Moulded chocolate
Small Fluffy Bunny

Chocolate cars and planes and more
Solid Bunny with Egg Basket $4.99

Chocolate Bingo Cards and Slot machine
Solid Bunnies on Motorcycle

Chocolate Bunny Bar
"Be my Bunny" Greeting Card

Large Chocolate rabbits
Romeo & Juliet Egg filled with Chocolates & Truffles


Chocolate Bunny Box filled with Jelly Bellies
24" Uncle Wiggley Bunny $129.99