Moulded Chocolate
A Sampling of what we have, with 100s of moulds on hand I'm sure we can make what you need
Give us a call at 416-493-3818.
Chocolate Hearts and Fans
Chocolate Aspirins
Two Chocolate Aspirins

Chocolate Roses
Sweetheart Roses

Chocolate Animals
Animal Lovers

Chocolate Bingo card and slot machine
Creations for the Gaming enthusiast...

Chocolate Diet Pill
Chocolate Diet Pill

Chocolate cars, planes, trains and motorcycles
....if it moves..enthusiast.

Chocolate Golf and Skates
...Sports enthusiast..

Chocolate Ballerinas
For the Dancers

Chocolate Baby Booties
Baby Booties

Chocolate Leg
Life Size


Chocolate Oscar and Chocolate Stars
For the Star

Chocolate Teddy Bear Lollies
Teddy Bear Lollies

Chocolate corvette
Chocolate Corvette

Chocolate Initials
Chocolate Initials
4" high