Valentine Chocolate Gift selection
Handcrafted Truffles, edible Heart Shaped Boxes, Chocolate Sweetheart Roses....All created in our Candy Kitchen in time for Valentines Day.

Chocolate Truffles
25 Handcrafted Truffles

Chocolate Heart Box filled with chocolate
Edible Open Heart Box

Our deluxe assortment of handcrafted chocolates
12 Handcrafted Truffles

Chocolate Box filled with Chocolates
Chocolate Swan Heart Box

Chocolate swan heart box filled with chocolates
9 Handcrafted Truffles

Small Heart box filled it chocolates
Sweetheart Box

Lip Box filled with chocolates
Chocolate Lip Box

Lip Box filled with candy
28 Handcrafted Truffles & Chocolates

a solid chocolate  "big Kiss"
Candy Kisses

Chocolate Savannahs
Valentine Lollies

assorted chocolate lollies for valentines
"Here's A Big Kiss"

Chocolate Gift Basket
Chocolate Sweetheart Roses