Signature Collection

Whatever prompts the need for a Gift of Chocolate, our signature collection is always the best place to start featuring a selection of our top sellers.

Chocolate Cigars

Chocolate Box

New Cherry Cordials

Our Market specials from our candy kitchen.
 Pectin Jellies , Moose Munch and  Peanut Brittle.

Our Fudge is the “Real Deal”
We cook each batch in a Copper Kettle over an open flame.  The hot batch of Fudge is poured onto a marble slab to cool where our Candymaker uses candy paddles to skillfully cream the batch which is what gives our Fudge it’s signature smoothness. The batch is then poured into wooden loaf pans, cooled and then hand cut into generous 200g slices which are individually wrapped.   Firm on the outside, soft and creamy in the center.  Just the way it should be. 

$6.99/ Slice or 3 Slices for $19.99

What's New from our Candy Kitchen !

  We are always creating new and delicious sweet treats in our candy kitchen. Its one of the best parts of being a candymaker!!!

All of out Gift Baskets are made to order and come filled with a selection of our handcrafted Chocolates and Confections.  We can even make a “chocolate basket” and fill it with an assortment of our Truffles and Chocolates.