Candy Making ?

What makes The Chocolate Factory Toronto chocolates and candies so special? ( Besides the best price in Toronto)

We have been making our handcrafted confections for over 35 years using classic recipies and canymaking techniques handed down by past generations of candymakers.  Cooking in copper kettles over an open flame we hand stir fresh ingredients such as cream, butter, sugar, honey, fruits and nuts together. Once cooled, each batch is hand cut and enrobed in Belgian Chocolate.  We also make numerous seasonal confections such as Copper Kettle Fudge, Fruit Pectin Jellies, Candy Almonds, Marshmallow and Peanut & Cashew Brittles….to name a few.

As a small family owned business we take great pride in the products that we make.  Over the years our customers have become our extended family and making candy and chocolate that puts a smile on their faces has always been our greatest reward.


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